CAPAM awarded the 2017 AIFRB Outstanding Group Achievement Award

Paul Crone (NMFS - SWFSC), Mark Maunder (IATTC), and Kim Anthony (President American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists) at award ceremony.

The American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists (AIFRB) has selected the Center for the Advancement of Population Assessment Methodology (CAPAM) as the 2017 recipient of the AIFRB Outstanding Group Achievement Award. Since 1982, AIFRB has recognized groups who have made significant contributions to fishery science. CAPAM was established in 2012 and, in a short time, has made an impressive mark not only in its development of standards for the application of stock assessment methodology, but in filling data gaps and resolving important stock assessment issues through its training and educational workshops. For more information on the nomination letter and award, please see below.

Nomination letter

Award letter